PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM LEWES ON NOVEMBER 4TH AND 5TH 2020. The Cliffe won’t be doing anything at all.

On 26th July 2020 we announced that we had made the very difficult decision to cancel our Bonfire celebrations in Lewes this year.  We did this for a very good reason:  to ensure that we are not responsible for fuelling the transmission of the virus between: our members; the members of our emergency services; and of course, the members of the public who usually attend our and others’ Bonfire celebrations in their thousands.

During this pandemic the cancellation of our event must take precedence over any wish of ours to carry on as if nothing was happening, no matter how important Bonfire is to us as individuals and as a Society.  Bonfire will continue, we can guarantee that.  Just not this year.  We take our public responsibility very seriously no matter how ‘anarchic’ we may be seen to be otherwise.

Therefore, we are also asking those of you who would have attended our celebrations normally but do not live in Lewes, whether as a member or as a member of the public, to act responsibly also:


The Society will not be doing anything: no Badge Night, no gathering in the Dorset car park; no ‘secret’ event at the yard or fire site; no firework display; no remembrance at the war memorial; and certainly no processions of any kind.  So please, do not come to Lewes  ‘just in case’ there may be something happening.  The Cliffe won’t be doing anything at all.

Please also consider that any gathering that flouts any restrictions current on or around the Fifth, while not sanctioned by the Cliffe, may still reflect on the Society or Bonfire in general.


Rest assured, we will be back, hopefully in 2021 all being well, more spectacular, louder and better than ever, and we look forward to seeing you all then.